Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cliché #1 - A New Year, A New Start.

Hello to anyone who might be reading this blog; well done in persevering so much with your procrastination from whatever you should be doing. This is basically just the ramblings of my life, which is dull as dishwater at the moment, so your revision/essay/homework/housework/whatever else you should be doing must be boring if you'd rather read this instead!

I'm Soph, 21, recent graduate, unemployed. Love comedy, panel shows, Take That, walking and adventures in equal measures, and am trying to find something productive to do.


Basically, at New Year, I decided that I was terrified. This was the first year in my life I had not had some kind of set plan as to what was to happen throughout the course of the twelve months. Previously, I always had school/University to fall back on, and even when I left Uni I went straight into a three month placement, which I returned from in December. This year, I can do anything, which is equal parts terrifying and exciting. Except, as I've found in the past few weeks, this is not entirely true. In my job search I have found that I am underqualified for a lot of things, ranging from call centre and admin jobs (not enough experience, despite having six years of retail work and a lot of voluntary work under my belt), to Graduate Schemes (not a high enough degree, despite the fact that I went to a good University, and it was through gaining my work experience that I messed up said degree). 10 years ago, walking out of the University of York with a 2:2 in History BA (Hons) would at least have been enough to get me into an entry level job somewhere. Doing something. Now, they don't exist; entry-level jobs have now become unpaid internships, usually in London. Despite having worked many hours to keep afloat at Uni, I have no savings to fall back on, and am in a reasonable amount of debt, and so cannot afford to either move to London, or indeed do an unpaid internship. Without said internship, I cannot get a job well-paid enough to be able to afford to do an internship. Along the same line of reasoning, I have no admin experience, and so cannot get a job as a Receptionist, or filing, or anything. Therefore, I am struggling to find a job at all. I could probably find a job in retail in Leeds or Manchester, but the way things are looking at the moment, every high street store is set to go into administration, and I'd like a job with a tad of stability. Also, I can't find one. Yet.

Therefore, I decided to start this blog. It will mainly be ramblings about my life, but will also describe the life of an unemployed graduate, so that if David Cameron (*coughtwatcough*) should ever see this, well, he still won't change his policies, and he won't ever see it because he's a knob. But if another unemployed graduate should happen to stumble across this, it will perhaps give them hope that there is another person in the same boat, because it can get a bit soul-destroying receiving rejection upon rejection for minimum-wage call centre jobs. It's also to keep a record, so that I can (hopefully) one day look back at this period of my life and laugh. Or cry at my hopeless optimism that someday I would get a job that is fairly well paid and that I would hopefully enjoy. Or something. My dream job would be to work for a charity, or in the international development sector. Or travel writing. So this is a forum for me to ramble, try and improve my writing, and basically just vent my frustrations, so I apologise in advance!

Another one of my NY Resolutions, is to make life an adventure. I love adventures; have been to Africa twice and plan to travel the world. Unfortunately, funds are limiting my opportunities at the moment, meaning that it's exciting to be able to travel outside of Ripponden. Therefore, my aim is to find something interesting/exciting every day, be it in the house, or out on a walk with the dog, and document it. That means, taking a picture or describing it. So there will be regular updates on this thing, even if it's just a photo, or something completely random!

My third and final resolution, is to be happy with myself. Another cliché, but this means losing weight, getting off my bum to do more with my life, and generally just improving life. At the moment, me and my Mum have started WeightWatchers, and are doing awfully, so if I document my progress on here, maybe it will give me more incentive to actually achieve something. When I do go on my adventures, I want to be fit enough to trek up mountains, and do exciting things, so that's my main aim in life at the moment.

I'm going to leave it here, because I'm sure there are more productive things I could be doing, such as filling out application forms or walking the dog. But fear not procrastination lovers, there will be another post tomorrow!

First interesting thing: a video montage that I recently created of my three month placement in Mali, West Africa.
(Songs: Copy-write: Miike Snow; Amadou and Mariam; Toto)

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